Photon on ETH

Please visit and connect with MetaMask

After you connect a wallet to Photon and login for the first time, you'll be greeted with the above welcome screen. Once you click on the Generate & Download button, a new wallet will be generated for you and a .csv file containing your wallet details + private key will be downloaded.

To ensure that we keep your account as secure as possible, the private key for your Photon trading wallet is only revealed to you only once.

From here, transfer ETH to your Photon trading wallet address. PLEASE NOTE: Your private key will only be revealed once at this step. Please take a moment to save your private key in a safe place before clicking "Continue." Once you've saved your private key in a safe place, you can click Check Balance to ensure that the ETH was successfully deposited into your Photon wallet.

Click on Continue to get started on the Photon Platform!


Depending on the current gwei amounts, it will be highlighted in a different color:

Green: <=15 gwei

White: 16-64 gwei

Red: >=65 gwei Wallet Balance + Transfer Funds

You can see your wallet balance at the upper right-hand corner at all times, and you can click on it to get to the Funds Transfer page. PLEASE NOTE: Make sure that you're on the Ethereum Mainnet network on MetaMask or else your wallet balance will not display the correct balance.

Deposit: You can specify any ETH amount to deposit from your funding wallet to your Photon trading wallet. Once you click "Deposit", you'll be able to confirm and complete the transaction from your funding wallet.

Withdraw: Input the amount of ETH and the wallet address that you'd like to withdraw ETH to, and click on "Withdraw"

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